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Max Topas - das Buch der Kristallkinder

In striking colours, the score of MAX TOPAS is going with the adventures of the young hero. A classical orchestration is supplemented by boy´s choir, a glass flute, choice percussion, an electronic "steam instrument" and organ. In manyfold variations of the themes and motifs, the audience is taken through the multi-faceted plot.

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Making Time

What if...? What if you could go back in time and do things differently? Would you? And if so, could you?
Young physicist Nick is going to find out in this romantic SciFi dramedy feature. Shot in only two days and in a single location, the music explores the inner cosmos rather than the outside of things. Nevertheless, there is plenty of opportunity for fun, turbulent and emotional situations. A full symphony orchestra is augmented with a handful of jazz band instruments and takes us on a magnificent ride, challenging our sense of wonder, adventure, humor and love. 

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Wuthering Heights

The score for the latest film version of Emily Bronte´s classic british novel paints a large panorama. The doomed romance of Cathy and Heathcliff, the rivaling estates, the rise and fall of generations, the mystery and haunting are all encompassed in a lush musical setting, rich with drama as well as lyrical moments. Baroque period instruments mix effortlessly with their modern classical counterparts, widening the scope of style and sound into a truly fascinating and complex universe. 

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Frieda - coming home

This Thriller mixes elements of mystery and romance. Of course the title character has been given a theme to herself and there is a love theme for the couple, but also mysterious Gerda and the intrusive Walter are specifically presented in the score.
Solo piano plays a big part here, accompanied by elaborate writing for string orchestra. This is contrasted by long takes of athmospheric, ambient music complementing the desolation of the main location. No synthesizers were used to produce these chilling tones, but rather processed organic sounds (like child screams) and acoustic instruments. Track 12 features especially recorded and programmed "reverse" instruments. 

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