FLENSBURG-KRIMI: DER TOTE AM STRAND (D, D: Janis Rebecca Ratteni, TV feature, 89 minutes) 

Due to the pandemic situation, there were no new scores in 2020. At least I could do a bit of advertising music and tracks for production music libraries.

FRIEDA - COMING HOME (D, D: Michael Driesch, feature, 91 minutes)

MAKING TIME (USA, D: Grant Pichla, feature, 80 minutes)  

WUTHERING HEIGHTS (USA, D: Bryan Ferriter, feature, 150 minutes)

KILLING CHRISTMAS (USA, D: Pippa Hinchley, short, 12 minutes)

LETTERS (IN, D: Nitin Shingal, short, 29 minutes)

THE LEGACY (AU, D: Eva Acharya, short, 17 minutes)

MAX TOPAS (D, D: Michael Driesch, feature, 85 minutes)

THE SKYDIVER AND THE SCARECROW (AU, D: Ren Thackham, short, 8 minutes)

THE RADICALIZATION OF JEFF BOYD (CH, D: Uwe Schwarzwälder, feature, 126 minutes)

STAR WARS: AN IDIOT`S ARRAY (US, D: Elias Noel, short, 18 minutes)

KURZEME FORTRESS (AU, D: Kelly Hetherington, short, 9 minutes)

SCORNED (CH, D: Emmanuel Obi Jr, short, 6 minutes)

TOO LATE (CH, D: Emmanuel Obi Jr, short, 8 minutes)

RENEGADES (US, D: James Tyler Cates, series, theme music & episodes)

THE GRAVEDIGGER`S SON (UK, D: Jake Yard, short, 8 minutes)

UMA NOITE (BRA, D: Paulo de Almada Mauro, short, 15 minutes)

AS LIFE SHIFTS (US, D: Daniel Gras Pujalt, short, 18 minutes) 

CALAMITY (US, D: James Tyler Cates, feature, 80 minutes)

THE THING THAT STALKS THE FIELDS (US, D: Chris Triggiani, short, 23 minutes)

SID`S NEW GLASSES (US, D: Raymond Alvin, short, 17 minutes)

FUNNY BONE (AU, D: James Werrett, short, 9 minutes)

DHAGO (AU, D: Achyara / Pant, short, 21 minutes)

CLEAN RESTART (AU, D: Liliana Braumberger, short, 6 minutes)

THE CRAFT (CA, D: Ilan Waldman, short, 13 minutes)

NINER (US, D: Grant Pichla, feature, 120 minutes)

STAR TREK SECRET VOYAGE - Episode 2 (AU, Sheeler Productions, episode, 50 minutes)

FLIGHT OF THE CONTRAPUNK No 26 (US, w/d:Wei Ling Neo, animation short, 3 minutes)

THE RUNNER (AU, D: Paranee Damodaran, short , 10 minutes)

STRANDED EYELAND (US, D: Ernie Smith, short, 10 minutes)

CHRISTINE AT THE CROSSROADS (US, D: Ernie Smith, short, 50 minutes)

THE BURGLAR WITH THE YELLOW HAND (UK, D: Katherine Blakeney, animation short, 10 minutes)

NUMB aka LAST SPRING (US; D: Daniel Gras Pujalt, short, 10 minutes)

HIDING PLACES (AU, D: Darren Vukasinovic, 15 minutes)

MR STOWLICKER (AU, D: Darren Vukasinovic, 35 minutes)

WHITE (AU, D: Stuart Shepherd, 30 minutes)

THE MAN WITH THE MANY UMBRELLAS (AU, D: Andrew Tomazos, 10 minutes)

MOVE (AU, D: Julie Kalceff, P: Dani van Herck, 15 minutes)

THE FOURTH WALL (AU, D: Simon Roptell, short)

DIVIDED (AU, D: Jimmie Petré, 6 minutes)

WE MEET (AU, D: Valeriya Zhukova, 9 minutes)

SNIP SNIP (AU, D: Matthew Neary, 10 minutes)

STAR TREK SECRET VOYAGE - Episode 1 (US, Sheeler Productions, 45 minutes)

POSTCARDS FROM PARIS (US/F, D: Andrew Shemin, 52 minutes)

METHOD ACTING (AUS, D: Mitchell Reid, P: Rachel Williams, short)

GOLEM (D 1920, D: Paul Wegener, silent, feature)

FIREDEVIL (D 1920, D: Piel Jutzi, silent, feature)

BULL ARIZONA I (D 1919, D: Piel Jutzi, silent, feature)

BULL ARIZONA II (D 1920, D: Piel Jutzi, silent, feature)

INFERNO (D 1922, D: Fritz Lang, silent, feature)

THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI (D 1919, D: Robert Wiene, silent, feature)


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